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an aspiring lawyer, lover of books, pescatarian, feminist, human rights & environmental advocate who just wants to help the world.

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Sep 27 '14



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Jun 23 '14

people don’t like me, and i’m okay with it

because the number one reason for the dislike is the same reason people initially give for liking me. i’m opinionated, driven and passionately outspoken about how i feel and about issues that matters to me. that’s a lot for some people, but many like it - until they don’t. because i’ve said something they don’t agree with, or they think i’m like them and i don’t actually say what i mean and must have ulterior motives.

i’m not an easy person to be around. i can see how my personality would be abrasive to some. but i’m upfront and honest about it. what you see if what you get from me from the very beginning. it makes me sad when people don’t take me at my word, but that’s the society we live in. so many people play games, deceive, remain closed-off. then, when they meet someone like me, they get pissed off. because how dare i not give a fuck yet still be compassionate. how dare i be open and honest, for better or worse. how dare i ignore the social convention of “polite discourse” and instead openly discuss whatever it is i’m feeling about an issue.

how dare i exist as i am. how. dare. i.

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Feb 24 '14

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Jan 16 '14


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Oct 17 '13

When i’m in school:

“Im going to sleep as soon as I get home”


When I get home:



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Jan 13 '12

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Dec 11 '11

i should be writing a take-home exam, but instead i am thinking about these words that my lover said to me:

"but if i can’t go down on you that’s gonna hurt my soul"

i think he might be perfect, this man of mine. he drives me wild with his words alone. the fact that i have his body as well is a fucking bonus.

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Nov 14 '11
i heart piggy-tails, and doin’ my make-up all nice sometimes.

i heart piggy-tails, and doin’ my make-up all nice sometimes.


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Oct 28 '11

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Sep 30 '11
I’m still struggling with it overall, but ultimately I know I’d rather be known as the humorless bitch who takes life too seriously, than have to live with myself as a person too afraid to face the scary shit.
— Myself (posting here more for myself, as a reminder.)

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