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Sep 27 '14

I don’t need ‘perfect’.

Whatever I have with you

is more than enough.

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Jun 12 '14
To be in love with you
is to know that even
on the days you make me
so mad I could scream,
I still want to kiss
the hell out of your face.
Beau Taplin || "It’s the way you wrinkle
your nose when you’re disappointed in me.”  (via afadthatlastsforever)

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Jun 1 '14

I’ve gained some weight but you don’t care.

And when you look at me,

I see the same hunger in your eyes as that first night.

My body’s stretched and I’m self conscious about the markings

but you still run your fingers across my hips with no hesitation.

I don’t know if I’m beautiful but I know that you think so.

— Unknown (via nc-17)

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Jun 1 '14

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Mar 19 '14


andy is perfection.

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Feb 27 '14

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Jan 6 '14

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Dec 15 '13

I think, at this point in our world, we’ve got a really confused idea of the way that gender and sexuality work and we’ve created this really superfluous binary in the way we think about gender. I guess I identify as queer because I don’t identify with that. [x]

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Nov 22 '13

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Nov 18 '13


david & iman 

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